I Am Worship

My New Book

I was taken on a journey by the Lord in the book of John 4 when Jesus met with the Samaritan woman at the well. Their dialogue was indeed intriguing, heavy and comical wrapped in a neat package. As the dialogue unfolded what stood before me was the jarring reality of the eternal product of what seemed to be a simple but deliberate encounter.

It is amazing the lengths that Jesus would go to in order to capture our attention whilst breaking through denominational, ethnic, class and racial barriers showing us that He is indeed in love with His creation and does not subscribe to the earthly classifications that society infringes on humankind to define us. We are His workmanship and who He created is important, precious and unique. 

We have to recognize that we do not just worship but we are worship. What we do are just expressions of who we are. When I lift my hands in worship to God it is an expression of who I am an extension of myself to Him. The Bible says present your bodies a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service; that is because worship encompasses the “whole” man, He requires all of me. 


As true worshipers, we can go into situations where the atmosphere can be impacted by our presence. We can become transmitters of the glory of God that will transform towns, cities and countries for the kingdom of God.


We as true worshipers have not just been given a name and have royalty, but we also have a responsibility to express ourselves in this second level of worship which is the power to Rule. We do not only have a seat at the table based on our name, but we also have a say in the affairs of the earth.


We are commissioned to bring forth and be spiritually abundant. In other words, we must have an impact in whatever arena we are placed in. The Lord teaches us that no matter the external environment, our fruitfulness is hinged on Him.

“I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.”

– Psalm 82:6

Journey with Me

We believe that worship is the slow songs, or the lifting up of our hands or bowing to the floor, indeed yes, those are sub expressions of worship, they are only a small part of what worship truly is.

Let us Worship

Journey with me as we explore what worship is and in so doing identify that worship is not just something that we participate in, it is who we are. Say it with me, I Am Worship!

What are you waiting for?