These are such exciting times and God is pouring out of His Spirit upon all flesh. We are on the cusp of one of the greatest moves of God, and this move will be ushered in by true worshipers. It is not about how intellectual, or articulate we are but it has everything to do with our willingness to yield, and our obedience to the Lord as we ferociously chase after His presence. God is looking for hearts that are pure, and fully yielded to Him, hearts that are truly in love with Him and passionate about his presence, because a heart that truly loves is a heart that trusts, and a heart that trusts, is one that will obey. God is not looking for Mini-Stars but ministers. Vessels that will know His heart beat, and seek to accomplish His will in the earth. These are the ones that God would flow through in this hour to demonstrate His power and manifest His glory. You see, a lot of times we believe that worship is the slow songs that we sing at church, or the lifting up of our hands or bowing to the floor in reverence to the Lord, and indeed yes, yes, yes, those are sub-expressions of worship, but worship encompasses so much more than that; those sub-expressions are only a small part of what worship truly is.

When God created man, His primary intent was that man would be vessels of worship. Humankind was created to worship God, and everything that Adam and Eve did were expressions of worship before God, because worship was more than what they did, WORSHIP WAS WHO THEY WERE. Journey with me as we explore what worship is and in so doing identify that worship is not just something that we participate in, it is who we are. Say it with me, I Am Worship!

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